Elmet Driver Training

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      Elmet Training Prices

Our training is charged by the hour. Each person will require a different number of hours training dependent on their experience and ability.

Please give us a call or email us and we’ll arrange an assessment session which will allow us to judge how many hours of training you will need.

Don’t forget - as part of Elmet’s service we will book your DSA test for you.

All prices are for one-to-one training, just you and the instructor, no shared lessons.

How many hours training will I need?

This varies from person to person, but training normally totals 3-4 days. Contact us to book an initial assessment and we’ll let you know how many hours training we honestly think you will need to pass your test. This also gives you an opportunity to get a feel of your training vehicle.

C licence or C+E licence, which do I need?

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Training Site:

Leeds East Airport
Busk Lane
Church Fenton

LS24 9SE


The C licence (which is for a rigid vehicle) must be passed first before you can take the C+E test (which is for a rigid vehicle with a trailer coupled to it).